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The Sydney DBS Team

Learn more about the Sydney DBS Team.

Dr Silberstein Dr Cook and Dr Meagher

Meet the SydneyDBS Team

Exceptional Care From The Team With Experience

Sydney DBS is unique to other DBS implanting teams in Sydney, comprising the same team of specialists for over 15 years. Our strong affiliation with North Shore Private Hospital also ensures that our patients receive exceptional personalised care.

Who We Are

Dr Raymond Cook has been working in Functional Neurosurgery since the 1990s. He has worked with Anaesthetist

Dr Mark Donnelley since 1996. Prior to 2001, he performed lesional surgery for Parkinson’s disease and tremor disorders. Dr Cook performed his first Deep Brain Stimulation procedure in 2001, convinced that the newer techniques and hardware was robust enough to provide long term efficacy in Parkinson’s disease. He has now implanted over 600 DBS systems for Parkinson’s disease and a variety of other conditions including dystonia, tremor and Tourette syndrome.


A clinical collaboration with Neurologist Dr Paul Silberstein formed in 2004 on Dr Silberstein’s return from the UK where he had undertaken studies toward a Doctorate in Neurophysiology.


Neuropsychiatrist Dr Linton Meagher became involved in surgical work-up and post operative management of patients on completion of his Masters of Psychiatry in DBS in 2007.


Nathan Anderson, has been the dedicated intra-operative radiographer to the team since 2011. He has been joined in more recent years by radiographers, Glen Cooper and Ben Deacon.


Dr Marty Brown, an experienced Anaesthetist who also works in cardiac surgery has recently joined the team.

Partneships/ Affiliations


Sydney DBS works with Parkinson’s NSW and the Shake It Up Australia Foundation (partnered with the internationally based Michael J Fox Foundation) to drive awareness about treatments, ongoing research, living with PD and device assisted therapies such as Deep Brain Stimulation.

Meet The Team

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