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What Is DBS?

Learn more about Deep Brain Stimulation and the Sydney DBS approach.

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What Is

Deep Brain Stimulation?

Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) is a procedure where wires are implanted in specific deep brain structures, by a neurosurgical team.


These wires are routed under the skin to an implanted battery, placed in the chest or abdominal wall. The battery produces a continuous impulse to the brain and provides a 24 hour therapy to alleviate symptoms.​ DBS is utilised in a variety of conditions which cause disorders of human movement when satisfactory improvement is not achieved with oral medications.

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Who can

DBS Help?

DBS can effectively reduce symptoms of Parkinson's disease, but it can also help with Tremor, Dystonia and Tourette syndrome.

There is strong evidence confirming efficacy of DBS in the treatment of tremor, Dystonia, Tourette syndrome and Parkinson’s disease. The Sydney DBS team has extensive experience in treatment of these conditions. 

Your Guide To
DBS Surgery

Every patient’s surgical work up is determined on a case by case basis.


This is a guide to the process you can expect.

Doctor's Appointment

What Will Happen At The 

Initial Appointment?

Generally, the initial assessment is undertaken by Dr Paul Silberstein, Movement Disorder and DBS Neurologist after referral from the usual treating Neurologist or GP.

If you wish to proceed to further assessment after this initial meeting, an MRI Brain and formal medication challenge are arranged.


The MRI Brain is performed to assist in evaluating whether there is any structural abnormality that might preclude surgery.

The medication challenge gives important predictive information as to the likely individual benefit of DBS.


The medication challenge may be undertaken during a brief inpatient stay or as an outpatient at Dr Silberstein’s rooms.

All patients undergo a formal Neuropsychiatric and cognitive assessment with Dr Linton Meagher.


This is generally performed as an outpatient at Dr Meagher’s rooms and is an important part of determining potential risks of surgery on an individual basis.

Dependent on your background medical history, you may be requested to attend for further medical evaluation with another physician (a Cardiologist for example).

Subsequent to the mentioned investigations, you will meet again with Dr Silberstein to confirm whether your symptom profile is likely to be responsive to surgical intervention and the potential benefits and risks of surgery in your case.


If the Neurologic and Neuropsychiatric assessments are favourable and you wish to proceed to surgery, a referral for consultation to Dr Raymond Cook will be made.


If the risk/benefit ratio of surgery is considered favourable and you wish to proceed, a date for DBS is planned.

What To Expect At Subsequent Appointments

Learn More About The DBS Operation

Sydney DBS have years of experience in Deep Brain Stimulation surgery. Learn more about the different stages of the surgery.

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