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Ways To Reduce Anxiety Before Surgery

The very thought of surgery can cause stress in patients but when you need to have surgery, there are several things you can do to prepare yourself and help you stay calm and positive.

Share your fears with you doctor.

It is normal to have fears but speaking with your doctor before you have your surgery is a key way to help you remain calm. Your doctors will be more than happy to explain the process to you and no question is considered silly. It might even be a good idea to keep a note pad with you leading up to your surgery date to jot down any questions and concerns as they come to you. Then you can go through the list with your medical specialist so you can calm you thoughts before the day of surgery and go in with a calm and positive attitude.

Learn some breathing and mediation techniques.

Once you and your doctors have decided that surgery is the right path for you, take a little time to finds some breathing and meditation techniques that you can do any time you feel your anxiety levels rise. Slow breathing and mind relaxation can help you to stay calm and allow you to focus on the positives of the surgery you are about to gae.

Understand the process.

Often, patients fear surgery due to the fear of the unknown. Take the time to read up on all information provided to you by your doctor. Having a clear picture of the whole procedure, possible side effects and outcomes is a good way to make you feel more at ease, knowing your doctors have experience in the surgery.

Get support from family and friends

Having a support network of family and friends is a key way to help you to feel relaxed and avoid high levels of anxiety before you have surgery.

Eat well

A healthy diet is not only beneficial to your body but also has benefits for your mind. Eating a balanced diet with lots of fresh, unprocessed food will help you to be at your best as you approach your surgery.

Drink more water

Water has so many benefits to your mind and body. Keep track of your water intake and keep yourself hydrated to help reduce stress.

Avoid alcohol and recreational drugs.

The physical demands of surgery and anaesthesia are great so it is crucial that you put your best foot forwards as you approach your surgery. Both alcohol and recreational drugs can work against you and should be avoided in the lead up to your surgery day.

Trust your team of physicians

A big way to help you feel less stressed it to know that your are being cared for by professional medical staff. If you are about to have DBS surgery with the Sydney DBS team, know that they are highly skilled and qualified medical professions with many years of experience whose primary purpose if to care you for.


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